How to Bathe a Newborn with Soft Wash Cloths

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  • Published: Friday, 02 November 2018 00:24
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When bathing a baby it is a good idea to use Soft Wash Cloths or a very soft sponge. If it’s a newborn baby bath them every few days and make sure their umbilical cords remain dry. All babies do is sleep and eat so they don’t really get dirty and that’s why it’s ok to give them a bath every other day or a few times a week. However, you should always clean the baby's bum and diaper area every day and every time you change them. Use Soft Wash Cloths soaked in lukewarm water to clean them.

Soft Wash Cloths Pick the Right Time

It is important to choose the right time of the day to give a baby a bath. Make sure the baby is well fed and not sleepy when you want to give them a bath. Pick a time that’s just after they’ve had a nice snooze and also when they are not hungry. Some parents prefer to give their babies a bath in the evening just before bedtime so the babies feel relaxed by the bath water and fall asleep more easily. Some babies love the feeling of the bath water and they like to stay on longer but make sure it’s not too long or they would catch a cold. Other babies don’t like the water and would cry the whole time so it’s best to make bath time swift and easy.

Use Baby Soap

This goes without saying but it is important that parents use special baby soaps for babies. These soaps are made with mild chemicals that are gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin. There are also baby soaps that are tear-free baby soaps mean that they won’t hurt the baby’s eyes if it by mistake it gets in. Tear-free shampoos save new moms a lot of hassle when they are still trying to learn and figure out how to give a newborn a bath. One less thing to worry about. Also you don’t have to shampoo the baby’s hair every time you give them a bath.

Have all Bath Supplies Ready

Soft Wash Cloths

Under absolutely no circumstances should you leave a baby unattended to while giving them a batch or leave them in the bathtub or bath area. Serious accidents could happen so it is a big no-no. Before you pick the baby up for a bath, make sure all the bath supplies are within arms reach. Make sure the bottles are open and can be easily picked up because you would have at least one hand on the baby at all times. So make sure all bath supplies are set around and ready to be used. Also, you should use a bath mat to avoid any possibilities of the baby slipping. If you don’t have a bath mat you can use a towel to add an extra cushion so the baby feels more comfortable. Keep in mind it would take some time and practice so don’t feel discouraged if you can’t get it right. Just do it step by step and in time you’ll find it a lot easier and get into a  rhythm with your baby.

Check the Bath Temperature Water

Before the bath, use a thermometer to check the temperature of the water. Remember babies have more sensitive skin so water that might feel lukewarm to you might still be too hot for them. A thermometer is a sure way to test the water and make sure it’s not too warm and not too cold. You can also test the water on yourself using your wrist.

Summary of Giving a Baby a Bath

Soft Wash Cloths

 Below are all the tips summarized for easy memorization-

  • Never under no circumstance should leave a baby unsupervised in a bathtub
  • Don’t put the baby in the tub while the water is still running
  • Set the water temperature to lukewarm and check the temperature using your wrist and use a thermometer to be extra sure
  • Use the thermometer to check that the water is about 37 degrees C to 38 degrees C
  • Get all the supplies you need ready before you start to give a baby a bath
  • Always hold a newborn
  • Clean around the umbilical cord
  • Bath your baby every other day or at least three times a week
  • Use tear-free baby soaps
  • Don’t bath the baby when they are sleep or hungry

Put cold water in the bath first, and then add the hot water this way, it is less likely for the bath water to be too hot and get on the baby

  • Fill the bath with about 8cm to 10cm (3in to 4in) of water.
  • Make sure the water is neither too warm or too cold
  • Dry your baby immediately after you give them a bath so they do not get cold
  • You don’t have to shampoo your baby’s hair everytime you give them a bath
  • Use soft wash cloths or a very soft sponge